Girl, eighteen and a bit of a mess.
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Hiii I sent you an ask about your competition few days ago I've just started a new blog today and I want to put up some of your photos and thingys you put one up then took it down before I could start this newone and reblog it will you be posting more of yourself or do you have another blog for that? sorry to sound like a stalker my names mandi xx and i like your blog and pink hair

I don’t mind if you use my postures as long as you credit and tag me please.
Nice to meet you mandi, call me Bambi.

Hi I really love your blog not just the sex stuff i like the cute stuff to. I don't see you post mutch lately is everything ok or have you started a new blog? also what hapened with suicide girl comp I voted for you you were the sexiest girl of all of them hope we see more sexy things from you also your super pretty and seem realy cool if i knew you we'd be best friends maybe lesbian lovers 0-0 hope you tell us if you have a new blog cya xx

Hi there lovely :)
The suicide girl comp went pretty well, I averaged out to about 14th. But they sent me an email asking me to apply directly because they like me. Unfortunately in the weeks after I became quite sick and had my appendix out, I haven’t gotten around to applying yet, but maybe one day. Thankyou so much for the support :’) you have no idea what it means to me.

I’m sorry I haven’t been tumbling a lot lately, Iv been super busy with uni and life.

Best friends and lesbian livers definitely

Love you lots :)